2/7/12 Stream: Overheard on the Interwebs


20 Top-selling Crafter Breweries – Big Business via @HuffingtonPost

New Belgium at #3. Check it out.


Do you like Super Bugs in your meat? Congrats! via @michaelpollan

So far, 2012 is bringing bad news for people who don’t want “free antibiotics” in their food.

Antibiotics are routinely given to livestock on factory farms to make them gain weight with less feed and keep them from getting sick in confinement conditions. But the daily dosing, at the same time it lowers feed needs, lowers drug effectiveness and produces antibiotic resistant bacteria or super bugs that can be deadly to people.

This month, researchers found 230 out of 395 pork cuts bought in U.S. stores were contaminated with a super bug called MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Worse — there were “no statistically significant differences” between “conventionally raised swine and swine raised without antibiotics,” reported the researchers. More…

Science and Nature

Are Humans Born to Run?

Russians drill into previously untouched Lake Vostok below Antarctic glacier spotted by @nytjim

Russian scientists have drilled into the vast, dark and never-before-touched Lake Vostok 2.2 miles below the surface of Antarctica, according to a source quoted Monday by Ria Novosti, a state-run Russian news agency.

“Yesterday, our scientists stopped drilling at the depth of 3,768 meters and reached the surface of the subglacial lake,” the source was quoted as saying. More…

Pop Culture

10 Famous People Who Turned Down a Knighthood

Of all the honors that the Queen of England bestows on her subjects, a knighthood is easily the most coveted. To British citizens, few titles could be greater than having a “Sir” or “Dame” in front of their name. So what kind of person would turn down such a title? Surprisingly enough, many notables have done so. Here are some of them.

Human Interest

People are Awesome

Extraordinary Stories of Everyday Heroes. See them here…


Finally Good Media news – Circulation Up at New Yorker others via @capitalnewyork

During a six month period in which the magazine industry continued to see decreases in subscriptions and newsstand sales, New York’s hometown glossies still eked out small circulation gains.

Between July 2011 and the end of December, New York magazine’s average paid circulation increased .1 percent to 405,532, according to the latest data from the Audit Bureau of Circulations; though newsstand sales were down 7.6 percent to 14,204, that’s less of a decline than the industry as a whole saw (nearly 10 percent).

The New Yorker‘s average circulation, meanwhile, increased 2.2 percent to 1,047,260, and newsstand sales were up 2.8 perecent to 33,530.

Every heard of Wikia? Me neither…but they claim to be HUGE. via@allthingsD

The user-generated media site Wikia has been profitable for three years and grew traffic 42 percent last year to 47.6 million global unique visitors. Wikia’s traffic in the gaming category is second only to IGN, with comprehensive and constantly updated databases about games like Skyrim.

The new Wikia management didn’t have much to do with that — CEO Craig Palmer and other execs only joined at the end of last year. But they’re trying to channel the momentum. More…


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